Company Develops RAMTRACKER Software Solution to Manage Ongoing Roof Maintenance

(AUSTIN, TX – January 25,2011) Austin 360 Roofing LLC has launched a Preventative Maintenance Program, supported by its proprietary RAMTRACKER software, to monitor and preserve roofs. This new program helps customers perform long term cost benefit analyses that protects the capital investment of their roofing systems by extending roof life.

“Our new RAMTRACKER roof asset management software lets us generate reports on roof conditions and forecast future repairs so that our customers can avoid potentially expensive problems,” said Bryan Wiest, Owner and Founder of Austin 360 Roofing.  “We use standard benchmarks to track the serviceable life of a roof. Based on these benchmarks we conduct necessary repairs that prevent premature failure, and help our customers manage their budgets.”

As part of its Preventative Maintenance Program, Austin 360 Roofing conducts thorough inspections of customer roofs at predetermined intervals throughout the year. The company’s certified roofing project managers examine flashing, drainage, wall panels, area dividers, parapets and insulation for signs of wear or leakage. Standard maintenance is performed as required and an assessment on the current roof condition is determined, along with an estimate on its remaining lifespan.

All roofing data – including blueprints, photos, warranties, proposals and historical maintenance records – is uploaded into RAMTRACKER, allowing customers to review their portfolios on demand via a secure web-based database. Customers can use this information to track expenses, forecast future repairs and budget accordingly.

Preventive maintenance is an important roofing service because roofs are more susceptible to natural elements, such as hail and high winds, than other parts of a building. Roofs can also be damaged by animals, insects and debris. Problems with roofs can affect the rest of a structure if they result in water leaks that inflict damage on a building’s interior and cause mold. Because roofs are the most remote part of a building, owners may not be aware of these problems. However, a routine inspection as part of a roofing maintenance program can identify potential issues that need to be corrected.

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